Brewery visit
  • Have a look into history of the Velkopopovický Kozel beer and our brewery
  • Find out how the honest beer is brewed
  • Meet our living mascot, Olda the goat
  • Taste the unfiltered Kozel right in our cellars
  • Duration of tour: 90 minutes

Due to preventive measures against coronavirus transmission, the Tour of Velké Popovice Brewery cannot be provided in the period from September 14, 2020 until further notice.

Walk through the brewery

During the tour with our guide you will visit the currently used brewing house where you will get acquainted with all the materials and processes. You will see the brewery’s rich history and the story of Ringhoffers, the founding family.

Also, you will see the historic brewery house from 1928 and lager cellars where you will taste the unfiltered batch of Velkopopovický Kozel. And finally, you will see the lines where bottles and kegs are filled, beer packaging exhibition and you will meet the brewery’s living mascot, Olda the goat.

*Beer tasting only for visitors of 18 and above.

Visit reservation:

  •  +420 323 683 425
  • Visits of individual visitors and smaller groups take place according to the opening hours.
  • For reservation of groups above 10 persons please use the reservation form.
  • As of September 10, 2020, it is obligatory to wear a face mask in all indoor areas.